Augusta City Council Petition For Public Vote on Bonded Indebtendess

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The Purpose of this Petition you are asked to Sign Kansas statute 10-308 limits the bonded indebtendess of cities to no more than 30% of their valuation. This limit may be exceeded by the city if the city first asks permission from the voters to exceed the limit.


The Augusta governing body (through home rule powers) changed the process from asking the voters for permission to authorizing the governing body the right to exceed 30% limit by their dicision without any public approval.


This petition is asking your approval for there to be a public vote so that the people may reject the governing board action and return to city being required to follow statute, thereby asking the people for permission to raise debt above 30%.


This Petition is Allowing the People to Exercise their power per the Kansas Constitution


Sign this petition then vote NO to return bond debt limit by the city to the people for approval.


Bond Petition
bondpetition001 (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [344.3 KB]

Official Summary of Property Taxes and Spending Increases for 2024 Budgets

City of Augusta Budget Hearing 9-5-2023

53.410 Mill Rate - Revenue Neutral Rate (No Property Tax Increase)


57.968 Mill Rate - Voted to RAISE Your Property Taxes -


Spending Increase  $4,926,599 or 13.2%

Salary Increase 7%

Voting YES to Raise Property Tax and Spending Increase

Ron Reavis                                             

Tom Leffler

Eric Birk

Bob Baily

Jeff Brown

Kip Richardson


Voting No To Raise Property Tax and Spending Increase

*Mike Martin

*Mike Huddleston

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