Local Elected Officials


What should you be looking at when voting for a local elected  representative in charge of your tax dollars?  By local, we are speaking of County Commissioners, College Trustees, USD School Boards and City Council Members.


This is what is really important.


Is this official voting in the best interest of you and your family? Can you afford the votes of this official?  Check the voting record and decide.


Did this official vote the way they campaigned?  Did they promise things and voted another way?  Check the voting record and decide. An incumbent is easy to check, a new candidate, you can't of course.  


Does this official apply consideration for the economy when voting for a tax increase?  A good example is this year, 2023 when the economy is not good at all.  Your income intake is $7,000.00 dollars less than last year because of high inflation and 20% less value of the dollar.  Any official representing a group of people should never vote for a tax increase in a year such as this.  They need to be voted out of office, or re-called. They have aligned themselves with the hired employee, such as School Superintendents, City Managers,and  College Presidents.  County Commissioners control their own destiny and also, ours.  They are all elected and only have to answer to us.


Some elected officials forget they represent a group of people instead of the entity that they are a member of.  Soon after elected and attending their meetings, some quickly fall into the trap of the hired employee that represents the ENTITY!  These employees are there to improve their little world which always cost more money every year.  So what happens?


Your school board representative, your city council rep, Trustee rep, and usually  your county commissioner will vote for tax increases to improve what they are a member of, instead of representing YOU!


A good elected official will visit with their constituents, either by town halls, emails with questionnaires, or surveys to find out about the state of the families.  They list certain items coming up for discussion and the cost involved to implement these items. Listening to the group they represent is the most important duty an elected official can do.  Also, it is their responsibility to do so.

It is also a responsibility of an elected official to find ways to reduce budgets, in good years and bad.  In budget hearings between the co-members and hired employee head, to question each item and the necessity of each.  If this is done the budget will not inflate to a unsubstantable level.


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