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The petition drive to protest August City Council passage of Charter Ordinance #20 is successful.
This action by registered voters demonstrates steadfast belief in democracy.
So many times citizens feel they are at the mercy of government and the bureaucrats who run the system.
Democracy can exist only with informed concerned citizens who exercise their voting rights.
This petition was not a political party affiliated issue- it was an issue of local government not allowing citizens the right to adequately participate in deciding their future financial destiny.
Success of this petition was an encouraging action by all who participated and especially the registered voters who signed.
Petition for to repeal will be presented to the city clerk and should be acted on at the Nov 6th council meeting at 7pm. You may attend the meeting or watch it live streamed on you-tube.
CONGRATULATIONS for two city council members who did not support charter ordinance 20 and also voted not to raise city mill levy to its absurd level:
        Michael Martin
        Michael Huddleston
Please continue to work with these two representatives and other council members
to protect democracy and prompt reasonable taxation for Augusta citizens.
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